BHF Bike Ride

This is how I’ve been spending my free time this year, well not all of it in Vietnam and Cambodia but training for my second BHF bike ride. Again it was a wonderful experience, lots of new friends and six of us from last year too. A wonderful part of the world to discover at my cycling pace. 43 of us left on the 5th November and then biked from Ho Chi Min to Angkor Watt in five days, one day to discover the delights of Angkor Watt and then back home via Singapore with a quick six hour there and then returning to Heathrow early on the 14th November. I really can’t believe how much I managed to pack into such a short amount of time.

I keep saying this is my last bike ride, they are addictive, but I do need to thank all those people who have stayed here and bought jams or just donated to the BHF and helped me on my way.

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