Autumn Fruits for Breakfast

Personally I love fruit for breakfast and in the summer its easy, a bowl of cherries looks lovely, everyone enjoys strawberries and melon is always refreshing.  However a little more effort goes into the fruit on the breakfast table in autumn and here are a couple of recipies I’m making at the moment.

Baked apples with mincemeat

Cooking apples are being left outside houses in Mere with notices to help yourself and this is a great way to use them

Peel and slice cooking apples and half fill a buttered dish with the fruit, then spoon over a thin layer of Christmas mincemeat, cover this with more sliced apples.  Pour a glass of orange juice over the dish and sprinkle the top with demera sugar.  Cover with foil and bake for about 30 minutes until the apples are soft.

The dish doesn’t look all that appealing but when it’s served warm with yoghurt its quite delicious

Damson Compot

My neighbour has a damson tree and this year its laden with fruit and he’s kind enough to let me pick all I need.  This recipe is useful as it freezes well.

Gently stew 900g damsons with 4 star anise, 2 cinamon sticks, 12 cloves and 500 g granulated sugar.  Once the sugar has disolved and the fruit softened enough to release the stones turn off the heat.  When its cool enough to handle pick out the spices and stones (this can take some time).

Serve at room temperature with yoghurt.

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