Why are the press so in love with Bruton?

It seems that every time I open a weekend paper there’s an article about the nearby town of Bruton.  The press seem to love it, saying Bruton is the new Nottinghill ………………. well in this house the jury’s out on that one but it does have a variety of good restaurants and the High Street is a nice place to wander along and pop into some of the shops.

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I do also have to say that Bruton is in the midst of some very pretty countryside,  just into Somerset and close to Bath you can see why the area is so popular as a destination for second homes for the many that also live in London.

The restaurant At the Chapel opened up about five years ago and has proved hugely popular not only as somewhere to eat but as an excellent bakery.  At the Chapel also hosts several events throughout the year, has a Clubroom, a good selection of wines to take away and a couple of bedrooms if you wish to stay.

at the chapel

A short walk down the road finds Matt’s Kitchen and what a success this has been.  A pop up restaurant in Matt’s front room open three nights a week and on Saturday’s for private functions only; here’s a guy who knows what he wants to do and is delivering it really well.  His posts on Facebook always give me a wry smile, showing his straightforward and fun personality.  There is a selection of first courses and desserts to choose from and a fixed main course, bring your own wine and pay in cash only.  It’s fun!

matt's kitchen

At the bottom of the town is Truffles Bistro which reopened a couple of years ago.  I’ve not visited in a while but know what a nice cosy building it is and really like the look of the menu.

Finally just outside the town Hauser & Wirth opened up another gallery here last year.  So there’s lots to see at the gallery, an excellent selection of books to tempt you to part with your money and the exceptional (although seasonal) garden designed by Piet Oudolf.

hauser & wirth

Along with these visual treats is their restaurant and bar The Roth Bar Grill, this is a fun place.  Great music on Friday evenings, good cocktails whenever you want them and a great restaurant for meeting up with friends either for lunch or dinner.

roth bar

So if you’re down this way and fancy a visit I hope I’ve helped you decide where to go.  Obviously we’d love to see you here in Mere too!

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