Frome Independant Market

Frome is a town that has changed enormously in the past twenty years.  When we first moved here I worked part time in Frome for a couple of years and it was really full of discount and charity shops; but WOW has it changed.

Frome is now a vibrant community, ten years ago, most of the major industries that had supported the town were closing and like many rural communities, Frome was becoming something of a ghost town. But, then things changed. The Fromies took over. Various people had their own theory for the origin of the Frome phenomenon. Some thought it was that prices of property (be that shops, workshops and office space or housing) in Bath had just got too high.  This quintessentially English market town really doesn’t have the feel of a rave centre. There is a very supportive local community and the Frome Independant Market held on the first Sunday of every month helps to encourage that entrepreneurial spirit and build artisan businesses by providing a co-ordinated venue for local people to showcase their produce.

We really recommend a visit to the market if you’re visiting the area on the first weekend of the month, local produce aplenty and the cheeses are quite spectaular; stalls selling local foraged food, particularly mushrooms shine, local bakeries with their excellent bread, florists, clothes stalls, to mention just a few.  Many of the shops open on market day and it really is an excellent way to spend a morning, there are food stalls to tempt you with things to take home for lunch – we chose three different types of Scotch Eggs and a big salad which certainly lasted more than one day.

Then there’s a thriving Arts community, fostered by the remarkable transformation of the Silk Mill.  Now it’s a major venue for the Frome Festival with an exhibition and concert space and 21 studios for local businesses. And it’s been shortlisted for an English Heritage Angel award.

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