My book – Spot On, Good Names for Dogs

This little number has been bubbly away in my mind and on my computer for literally 15 years and I’ve now taken the plunge and had it published.

This light-hearted book provides you with an inspiring selection of fantastic names to call your new best friend, from ‘Antic’ to ‘Zuzu’, ‘Rough and Tumble’ to ‘Topsy and Turvey’.

Broken up both alphabetically and into a variety of imaginative themes such as ‘Dirty Dogs’, ‘Literary Legends’, ‘Drinking Friends’ and many more, there’s a name for every pup – however ‘Flirty’ or ‘Loopy’ they may be!  Running alongside these listings are fascinating sections about the five senses we share, all manner of doggy facts, quotes and poetry to remind us of the joy and privilege it is to share a life with a dog.

If you are a ‘Fussy’ pet owner, find the prospect of naming your new friend ‘Monstrous’, or just want a good ‘Chuckle’ – this book really is Top Dog!

So please get in touch if you’d like a copy.  Obviously if you’re coming to stay there are copies available.

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